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Our Realtor® Solutions

The idea of a technically savvy real estate agent is not a common one.  It is becoming more of a necessity for real estate agents to have the proper tools and procedures in place in order to work with the Internet savvy consumers. The Answer Team Real Estate Network was established in order to equip the evolving real estate agent with the tools to manage the new generation of consumers. The Internet has become a preferred information resource for buying or selling homes.

There are companies out there offering mortgages, home search tools and the list goes on.. Yet, none of these organizations have truly integrated all of the local and regional resources needed to buy a home. Companies that can offer this type of integration are proprietary systems that are only available, if at all, to large corporations. The ability for individual agents to compete with these large entities until recently was impossible.

Technology has evolved and so has the real estate agent. Managing your clients today has become automated and managing your time has become more efficient. Electronic capabilities necessary to work with the Internet consumer fall into three areas of organization: (1) Office Operations, (2) Website Services, and (3) Website Network

Office Operations

CRM Systems - Managing your Internet driven customer database can be an impossibility if done by hand. As a real estate agent there are limited flexible solutions that will resolve these management issues. A web based eCRM solution that manages contacts, transactions, e-mail campaigns, and reporting for individual agents or even large brokerages is being developed and will be available in the Spring 2005.

Wireless Mobile Offices - The old days of traditional brick and mortar offices are becoming a thing of the past. The need for a mobile capability is more essential than ever before. Technology has allowed real estate agents to not only be on the road with a cell phone and laptop, but now they can have all of their clients information, listings, real time access to the MLS and Internet access with them as well. To learn more about our wireless mobile offices visit

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Website Services

Maintaining websites, data, and simutaneously ensuring visibilty to the searching consumer is beyond the capability of most real estate agents. An agent's job is to sell real estate.

CRM Systems - Processing leads generated from your websites can be centrally processed. Entering the contact information into the database, setting up a VOW access to MLS information, establishing an email campaign, etc. are all functions that can be managed from a website.

Web Positioning - Having a website is just not enough these days. Serious agents that have been utilizing the Internet to its full potential have been "web positioning" their websites to ensure visibility that goes in accordance with their business plans. Web positioning as a whole is an ongoing process that you must manage carefully.

Website Maintenance - How many successful real estate agents really have time to edit web pages, learn HTML, create graphics and manage hosting accounts, at a professional level and also sell homes? Not many! The Answer Team Real Estate Network's consultants offer superior quality, rich and powerful content oriented custom websites that will attract and retain the Internet consumers.

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Website Network

Powerful websites offering affiliation and individuality, including a support network of products available to your consumers. This is the concept of the The Answer Team Real Estate Network.  We have worked with designers to develop an arsenal of tools that will attract, empower, and educate consumers. The growing network is geographically providing information to visitors on a wide range of topics.

Agent Network - Through the use of geographically oriented websites, real estate agents will affiliate with each other in a common network without losing or compromising their individual name branding. To see an example of the Maryland network visit

Real Estate Mall - The mall provides a vehicle to organize subject oriented websites into a structure that features sponsorship by the network of member agents. The stores in the mall are the subject of focus for maps, credit reports, mortgage pre-approval, home inspections, etc. To visit the mall itself go to:

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