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The Network's History

The organization was born out of a need to find a preferred method of organizing and maintaining an affiliation between successful Internet professional real estate brokers and agents without the membership losing any of their individual identity or autonomy. Membership in the network should improve their individual dominance in their local market, increase their return on investment of per broker/agent web traffic to their websites and lessen the cost to maintain their relative presence on the Internet through an economy of scale. The Network was developed and is documented by the following milestones.

June 2000 - David L. Therrien's (Biography) began building real estate related web sites. For the next two years Dave researched consumer purchasing habits, web site content, realtor interactions and solutions, reciprocal linking and web positioning. Utilizing his extensive background in cryptology, mobile communications and real estate, Dave started to build the first beta version of a regional sales team.

March 2001 - Initiated service marks for "The Real Estate Answer Teams" denoting the future real estate membership of the network and "Professor eHome", the mascot for coordinating consumer education initiatives.

March 2002 - First real estate agent member of the Annapolis, Maryland team joined the organization.

August 2002 - Alexander R. Fakeri (Biography) joined the team effort and began the fourth revision to the content heavy real estate agent web site.  On October 15th the first of five agent websites was released to the public:

September 2002 - The first four (4) true mobile offices were built, tested and fielded for use by The Real Estate Answer Team of Annapolis.

December 2002 - The remaining four agent websites for the Annapolis Team were launched and available to the public. The first real estate answer team was formed and officially on the Internet.  Each of the real estate agent's sites offer the rich content of the original beta design as well as customization of various agent specific aspects unique to each site.

January 2003 - The design team launches a reciprocal linking network exclusively for e-PRO certified real estate agents.

February 2003 - A more formal web site services organization is formed, tasked with managing the website hosting, maintenance, web positioning and general support for "The Answer Team Real Estate Network" websites.

February 2003 - The design team launched four new subject matter web sites in support of the real estate agents websites as part of the network.  Each website is focused on providing additional tools in order to improve the real estate agent's service to the client, attract more consumers to the real estate agents in the network, resulting in additional revenue to the member real estate agents.

March 2003 - The design efforts for the CRM system are started. The first release of the system is scheduled for Fall 2003. This system will be a web based solution that will manage each team's customer base at the real estate agent and office processor level.

March 2003 - "The Real Estate Answer Teams" service mark was officially registered.


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